No sound after 5 second play [Resolved - Rebooted MC200 endpoint]


After about 5 second playing sound disappears. The file still feeds. It is the same with Mac Pro as well as from Qnap.

/ Frode

Mac Pro/latest MacOS/SSD and Qnap TVS471/ssd


What output device (DAC) has been select for the zone that Roon is using?
Have you tried rebooting it / checking connections?

Where is the Roon Core running?
Have you tried rebooting it?

Roon Core is running on Mac Pro (latest os version). Also ran Roon Core on Qnap. Roon Core restarted.

Meridian endpoint MC200. Now works fine when MC200 is restsrted. I did not thiink of MC200 as the solution as ContolMac ran fine on it.

It worked for a while. Now it stops again. The only difference from it working was that I used a different source for a while. Ended that and started playing music again. Stops after about 10 sec.


/ Frode

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