No sound after pausing and restarting playback

I have a problem that has been annoying me for some time.

I have Roon Core running on my Mac mini and I use a Linux machine as a renderer with RAAT.

When I press pause and wait for a few seconds before pressing play again I lose sound. The signal path window indicates that the track is playing and the ?time bar? moves but there is no sound.

To get any sound out of my DAC I have to restart the DAC. My DAC is a Vitus RCD-101 with XMOS USB interface.

Interestingly, this does not happen when I use Squeezelite as the playback software. I have been using Squeezelite routinely as a result but would like to get back to RAAT.

Do I have some settings wrong or is there some incompatibility with my DAC?

Any help would be appreciated.

I see it happen occasionally, does long pressing pressing the play button fix it for you?

Long pressing play tells the device to stop and reset. Fixes it for me for asio and my Devialet.

It is probably a USB issue either on your DAC, with your LInux box or both. Roon is still seeing the USB connection as active and is playing music to it, however, the USB connection has gotten into a stuck or failed state. You might try changing the linux machine to something else (other OS) to test, like a Win 10 or another MAC. Or try a Sonic Orbiter or MicroRendu in place of the Linux box.

Devialet as Dr. Tone points out, have a similiarly fussy USB implementation.

Thanks Jeff and Daniel for the replies.

I’ll try holding down the play button for longer.

I had a feeling there was some incompatibility with the USB input so I’ll try connecting my Mac Air to it tonight and see how I go.

I tried long pressing the play button but that makes no difference. The track still plays but again no sound.
There must be an incompatibility between Roon Bridge and my DAC.
I’ve gone back to Squeezelite and have no problems. At least I get the functionality of Roon even if it is without the full experience.
When Roon 1.3 and OS are released I’ll give them a go to see if they work.