No sound coming from my dCS Bartok

My LG Gram Laptop is my Windows Roon Core
It recognized my dCS Bartok. However when I play a song, no sound comes through the Bartok and the Bartok display does not show the track being played in Roon. There is no problem using the dCS Bartok via the MOSAIC app from a Samsung tablet.
Am I missing a key “set up” step ?

Did you “enable” the Bartok in Audio Settings in Roon; and did you select the Bartok as your Zone in your Roon Control window?

Yes I did enable the Bartok and chose the Bartok as my zone in Roon

What does the Signal path pop-up window look like? (pops up if you click the symbol to the left of the “rewind” double arrow).

Hello @Ritwick_Panicker,

Try rebooting your Roon Core and the Bartok. If that doesn’t fix the issue, I highly recommend reaching out to dCS support as they will be best positioned to troubleshoot with you.


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