No sound from ID40

Volume control works both ways. 861 display says PCM 44k 2 chan. I don’t have the problem, as others reported, of it vanishing. I can see it, I can change the volume, I just get no sound. I do get sound from other inputs (e.g. from roon via a hifiberry plugged into D4).

Roon is on Ubuntu 18.04, with an AMD 3400G, 32GB of RAM and an SSD (i.e. massive overkill).
ID40 is 1.3, b169.

This does not sound like a Roon issue, I suspect it’s an error / omission in your 861 configuration … have followed the advice posted here … ?

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I removed the “Sooloos” device from configuration, and then added it back, accepting whatever defaults it selected. Previously I had changed the device code on the remote.

This time it worked and I got sound. Unfortunately, now after about 8 minutes, I lose audio, and the Roon app loses contact with the server.

I will put a mouse and keyboard on my roon box and go log diving.

So my being non-standard, as ever. Got the “Sooloos” device working, above. Roon was having trouble because I missed the LimitNOFILE=8192 in the systemd file. Seems to be working with no errors in logs now.