No sound in Exclusive mode / Sony DMP-Z1

Hello all!

I have installed Roon 1.8 on my setup, and I have a Sony DMP-Z1 connected via USB C from my MacBook Pro running 10.14.6.

the issue I’m having is that the DMP won’t work in Exclusive mode: Roon’s transport act like it’s playing the file but there is no sound coming out the DASc end. If I switch off Exclusive mode, I get sound, but obviously in also get the green dot.

Using an iPad with a camera connection kit into the DMP allows Roon to play as expected and keep a lossless path, so I assume the issue is with Roon Mac ?

I’d love to be able to stream losslessly on my mac as well, so let me know if I am missing something!

thanks in advance!

HI Alehan,

I am moving this post to the support section, so that Roon support will see it and respond.


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