No Sound in HQPlayer zone

Steps and scenario:

Step 1: UltraRendu: selected DAC, NAA, green light
Step 2: HQPlayer: selected NAA - Sonore UltraRendu
Step 3: ROON: added HQPlayer, and selected zone
Step 4: UltraRendu: connect network, DAC via USB
Step 5: HQPlayer: desktop on a laptop
Step 6: ROON: core installed on NUC
Step 7: ROON: controller on iPhone 13
Step 8: ROON: HQPlayer zone, play song, no sound

Network control toggled on in HQPlayer, volume is up, , can play songs with HQPlayer zone in ROON with no problem, but THERE IS NO sound. Help!

Input selections on DAC and Amp ?

Last time I experienced a similar issue I hadn’t turned on my power amps, but I’m going to assume you are more alert than I was that day.

My DDC has USB selected (and connected to the Sonore UltraRendu), and it is connected to my DAC via i2s connection.

My DAC is connected via balances cables to my preamp, and preamp connected via balanced cables to my power amp.

The crazy thing is, the only physical connection that changed was to pull the USB cable from my NUC that is attached to the Denafrips Hermes DDC (and was working perfectly) and move it instead to the Sonore UltraRendu. I was literally playing music via ROON through the Denafrips Zone minutes before the change. Physically, it should be fine.

Again, no errors, the software seems connected fine, the music plays, amps are on, but no sound. Ugh.

Try updating the UltraRendu to latest software and disabling the Denafripps zone in Roon.

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Done /10chars

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And what happens if you connect your dac directly to your UltraRendu, bypassing the ddc?

The UltraRendu just arrived yesterday and is already at the latest version.

Same thing when I bypass DDC and go DAC direct. Either way, the system recognizes the Denafrips, I can select it, adjust the volume, set up HQPlayer as a zone, select the zone, and play music.

That said, the signal path only shows source to HQPlayer while playing, it does not show the DAC.

Should it?

Thank you.

That’s correct. For Roon, HQPlayer is the ultimate endpoint. Then it is up to HQPlayer what happens next.

Did you try disabling the denafrips as a zone in roon (leaving only hqplayer)?

In the UltraRendu web gui, when you click apps and then dac diagnosis (if I remember correctly, this is the path) do you see your dac listed as an output?