No Sound Output from Roon on DirectStream MKI: Basic Setup Checklist Needed (ref#J5G3NC)

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I am using Roon on a Windows system with 16GB of RAM. I just bought a refurbished DirectStream MKI. My computer recognizes the Directstream as does Roon. I subscribe to Qobuz which is recognized by Roon. When I hit "play" I can see the music is playing on Roon, but I hear nothing. I think I am missing something very basic. Please assume I am 68 years old and I am not good with computers. Do you have a simple checklist I can use to make sure everything is set up correctly?

Describe your network setup

I connect directly from the computer to the Directstream by USB cable.

Hi @24Hujo,

Thank you for your post. The DirectStream MKI has multiple digital inputs that can function on a PC. Am I correct in assuming that you’re using the USB input?

PSAudio mentions the following about using their own drivers instead of the native Wasapi driver in Windows:
Windows based computers require the
PS Audio Extended Resolution USB driver to be installed. Download the driver from our
website Downloads – PS Audio; DirectStream MK2 will show up under
Device Manager as PS Audio Extended Resolution USB.

Have you downloaded their driver? Let’s start there. If you’re still having issues, then please paste a screenshot of the Signal Path within Roon when you are attempting to play to this DirectStream MKI Zone. Thanks!

Thanks, I will try this.