No sound output from Squeezebox Classic

Started the SB playing at approx 19:10 BST

Stopped the SB at 19:44 BST

Hello @Martin_Scott, I’ll collect those diagnostics now too. Thanks!

Hi @nuwriy any progress on this at all?


Hello @Martin_Scott,
Please accept our apologies for the delay here! I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that your ticket is still in our review queue. A member of our QA team has been assigned to the issue and should be reviewing this soon and providing feedback.

I’ve requested an update from the team and upped the priority in our tracker so I should be able to get back to you soon with an update. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Brilliant, thank you.

@nuwriy Three weeks now and no response… My subscription expires soon so I have no alternative but to cancel.

Kind regards…

Hello @Martin_Scott, my apologies for the delay. Our queue has been a little longer than usual but that’s no excuse for not getting back to you sooner. I have some feedback from our QA team, they recommend a factory reset for the Squeezebox using the directions below:

  • unplug the power cord

  • on the infrared remote control, push and hold one of the following buttons:

    • + / ADD --> factory reset. This removes all settings captured in the setup process, i.e.:
      • the name you may have assigned
      • the IP address
      • the Wi-Fi settings (network SSID and password)
      • display language
    • 1 (on the numeric pad) --> Xilinx reset. This reprograms the built-in FPGA which is dedicated to controlling the display, the DAC, and other components, so it is a rather central component that in case of program errors may cause all sorts of failures
  • plug the power back in, keep pushing the selected remote control button, and keep pointing it at the Squeezebox

  • wait until the message “factory settings” or “programming Xilinx” appears

  • release the remote control button

  • wait what happens. The unit should normally reboot after a few seconds

@nuwriy Many thanks but as mentioned right at the beginning I have reset it many times already…

You have done both resets? the Xilinx reset is different than the factory reset.

@Rugby Yes correct Xilinx many, many times. Thanks.

@nuwriy What did the logs show that were captured?

Hello @Martin_Scott, I’ve requested more information from the team and made them aware that you’ve tried both reset options. The reasoning for recommending the Xilinx reset was the following trace:

08/01 08:44:14 Info: Starting RoonServer v1.7 (build 571) stable on linuxx64
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: Checking if we are already running
08/01 08:44:14 Warn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnsems0-roon
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: Nope, we are the only one running
08/01 08:44:14 Info: Is 64 bit? True
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: [orbit] init seq=1, pending=1, spcount=7, uidcount=1
08/01 08:44:14 Info: Command Line Argument: -watchdogport=37061
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: [childprocess] using .NET child process
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: [realtime] fetching time from NTP server
08/01 08:44:14 Warn: [realtime] failed to get time: Could not resolve host ''
08/01 08:44:14 Info: [broker] starting b73b7dae-72f0-4767-b155-0086eadd9ee1
08/01 08:44:14 Trace: [httpcache] loaded 794 cache entries from /var/roon/RoonServer/Cache/httpcache_2.db, current: 115mb / 128mb
08/01 08:44:15 Debug: [broker/filebrowser/volumeattached] initial listing found drive mounted at /
08/01 08:44:15 Debug: [broker/filebrowser/nassharemaker] rebuildsymlinks
08/01 08:44:15 Debug: [broker/filebrowser/volumeattached] initial listing found drive mounted at /boot/efi
08/01 08:44:15 Debug: [broker/filebrowser/volumeattached] initial listing found drive mounted at /run/user/1000/gvfs
08/01 08:44:15 Debug: [broker/filebrowser/volumeattached] skipping /run/user/1000/gvfs because it is not a /dev/sd[0-9]* (mountline: gvfsd-fuse /run/user/1000/gvfs fuse.gvfsd-fuse rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000 0 0)

Hello @Martin_Scott, I spoke to the team again about this issue and they asked if you noticed any difference if you toggle the “Use FLAC Compression” option under device setup and if you were experiencing this option on both cores.

We would also like you to reproduce the issue one more time from with the Windows core so we can collect diagnostics from there as well.

Please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

Hi @nuwriy changing those settings made no difference as I recall but I am unable to test any longer as my trial expired.

Kind regards.

Hello @Martin_Scott, now that the accounting team has things squared away with your trial, could you please try our last recommendation covering the “Use FLAC Compression” option and let me know what changes and send me a new set of logs? Thanks!

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