No Sound output from Vega DAC and microRendu [Solved]

Hi, I’m having trouble getting any sound using my Vega DAC and Roon.

I have the core running on my iMac in setup 1. This all plays fine. I then have a 2nd setup using a microRendu connected to the Vega DAC and using a iPad as a controller.

My microRendu did have a software issue and was sent back to Sonore for repair. Since the micoReendu has returned I’ve been unable to get any sound. I’m not sure where the issue lies.
The iPad is seeing the Dac and the Dac is responding with correct bit rates etc just no sound.

Hi Paul,

Can you describe setup 2 in more detail ? Does it also use the iMac as Core ? The mR is an Output only, not a Core.

Hi Andy,

Looks like the microRendu was the probelm. I have just updated the Roon App within the microRendu software and it seems to have solved the issue.

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