No Sound Output to McIntosh Amp from Aurender 10 (ref#I61WS7)

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Hi just installed Roon and reviewed the knowledge articles but cannot find my answer.

Selected my Aurender 10 network player as the output device and cannot get any sound out to my amp McIntosh_301.

Can I use Roon to play Aurender 10?


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Aurender 10

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Connected on the same wifi network.

Hi Bruce

Can you describe your audio chain.

RoonServer is running on what PC?

Can you post a pic of the Setting/Audio page. From my remembrance, the Aurender 10 can only be seen by Roon via Airplay.

I assume that the Aurender is connected to the network via ethernet and then by USB to the McIntosh. And you double checked that the input selector on the McIntosh and the settings on the Aurender?

Hi Big Dan,

I have an Aurender 10 which is Network Streamer/DAC with audio out going to MX160 and McIntosh 301 AMP.

The Roon Core is running on Mac Studio.

Trying to run the Aurender via Roon but not clear if it is doable.


Hey @Bruce_McDonald,

Ben with support here - I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into issues?

I’ll be on standby for a status update, and if you need any assistance. :+1: