No Sound Playing FLAC 192KhZ 24BIT

Roon Core Machine

Roon running on Intel NUC 10i7, 8G RAM, 250 + 1TB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Aries G1 streamer, Naim Superuniti, PMC twenty5 24’s. Sonos 1. Logitech Radio

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

14,000 tracks + Qobuz

Description of Issue

I have everything set up and working well. However I noticed when using Roon Radio every now & then a track looks to be playing but is silent. When I look at the signal path the silent tracks are Qobuz FLAC 192kHz 24bit 2ch.

According to the NAIM manual, my version of the superuniti should be capable of playing 192kHz, 24bit streams.

Can anyone help please?

Do you have your audio device setup to allow 24/192 streaming?

Not sure if that would stop it playing entirely or not but certainly worth checking!
See screen shot, under settings:audio: device setup: max sample rate.

Hi @Nigel_Collins

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when this is happening?

Do you have any 24/192 content locally? Does that content play okay?

How are you connecting the streamer and dac?

As an example some devices don’t handle 192k over optical.

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Hi Kevin

Just checked the setup for my Aries streamer

and its set up for max sample rate 192 and max bits per sample of 32, enable MQA decoder -Yes

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Hi Dylan, I dont have any 24/192 content stored on my NUC (although I could always download some and try it). Screenshots below:

I also switched to Airplay on my G1 and that did play although as its down converted that doesnt really prove anything: - screenshot below

Hi Greg, I am using optical. I just checked my Naim manual and it does say:
6 x S/PDIF:

  • 1 x coaxial BNC - up to 24bits/192kHz
  • 1 x coaxial RCA - up to 24bits/192kHz
  • 3 x optical TOSlink - up to 24bits/96kHz
  • 1 x front panel mini-TOSLINK - up to 24/96kHz

So it looks like you may have found the solution.

Unfortunately looks like i am going to have to buy a converter from either the stereo BNC/ TOSlink to an RCA

Or much easier and cheaper is limit it to max 24/96 in Roon audio settings.
Very much doubt you will be missing much as only occasionally you see 24/192 on Roon Radio and at least this way it should play them

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Thanks Kevin, have done as you suggest and it’s all working well now. Not sure my ears would tell difference between 192 and 96.

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Great you have it sorted.

And if you really want to go for 192 - spdif bnc to rca just needs an inexpensive plug adapter.

But there isn’ so much 192 material!

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