No sound via HQ Player in Roon

Hi all,

Just started using Roon and am unhappy with sound quality, which seem very compressed and closed off. So, I downloaded HQ Player after reading some reviews, but have been unable to get audio playing.

I followed the directions on the community site for HQ Player set up with Roon. Everything looks good, but no sound when i hit play. Bars move up and down, but when I view the zone (MicroRendu set as HQ Player), volume cannot be controlled and it appears as either 0db or a very large negative value. Slider bar does not work.

I believe, though, that my problem lies in HQ Player. When the software opens, i am greeted with a message ‘failed to open audio device. check setting’.

In Settings, under ‘Device Settings’, the Backend is set to WASAPI and the Device is ‘default endpoint’. I cannot see either my MicroRendu or Schiit Dac (not sure which should be visible).

I believe this to be the heart of the problem. I have made sure HQ Player is getting through Windows Firewall.

My Roon Core and HQ Player are running on a headless NUC (i5).

Any help for this newbie would be great.


Hi @Laurence_Beilenson ----- Thank you for the report, typically we handle these issue out on the forum so all of our users have access to any potential fixes or useful information during the troubleshooting process. Would you mind if I mad this a public thread moving forward?


Please do!. Thanks.

Hi @Laurence_Beilenson ---- Again thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response . In order to help you troubleshoot this issue may I kindly ask you for the following.

  1. Some details about your current setup as seen here.

  2. Can you give me some insight into your network configuration/topology, as well as a brief description of any networking hardware you may be implementing as well. I would like to get an idea of how things are communicating with each other.

  3. You mentioned that you are using WASPAI, has using ASIO offered any change in behavior?


Hi Laurence,

If HQP fails to find or open the audio device, it may indicate that Roon, or another audio player, is accessing the audio device in an exclusive mode. Don’t install your audio output device in Roon and close all other audio players.
Maybe that helps.


Try setting Backend to ‘NetworkAudioAdapter’ … Schiit DAC should show.