No sound when trying to play a song

I have a mac running os x yosemite. Yesterday I bought and installed roon and everything worked and it was delightful. Today when I started my computer and started roon the initial screen indicated I had an additional computer I had to deauthorize since I only bought one license. It showed my computername.att.local or something like that. I clicked on deauthorize and roon started and showed my music as before; however when I try to play a song all that happens is the blue progress bar bounces back and forth. As best I can tell setup is correct. I can play music through iTunes as before. Please help.

This unauthoriaztion stuff is a bug we know about… you did the right thing to get past it.

Did something change with your network adapters since last night?

Regardless, I spoke about this with another guy on the team, and his suggestion was to try restarting the app, because the deauthorization might have screwed something up. If that doesn’t help, try rebooting your computer.

I did reboot computer and same thing happened. Is there a way to delete the roon program and start over? No changed to my network made. Currently I have an expensive program that does not work.

Hey @docdan60, PM’ing you shortly to grab logs…

I’m traveling this weekend so let me know what you need and I’ll send it in next Tuesday

Tried to send log but after 2 hours icon just pulsing and not sending.

Hi @docdan60, sorry that support ID didn’t work. Let’s grab logs manually, if you’re on a PC:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Click in the address area to the right of the text, to make it active like typing in a web browser, and type %localappdata%
  3. Find and open the Roon folder
  4. Right click on Logs, then Send To, then Compressed Zipped Folder
  5. Email me the zip file – my first name

If you’re on a Mac:

  1. Open Finder and press Go
  2. Hold the alt key to unhide the Library folder
  3. Open the Library folder, then find and open the Roon folder
  4. Right click on the Logs folder, then click ‘Compress Logs’
  5. Email me the zip file – my first name

Thanks Dan and apologies for the inconvenience! Normally the support ID stuff is pretty bulletproof, but let’s try to get this sorted for you.