No Tags in the album View [Solved]

when I click the tag button on the album browser the drop down list of tags is empty. This happend after a new Installation or update of roon. I couldn’t remember.
Has anybody the same Problem or a solution?
Thank you

I have the same exact issue, all the “Tag” menus are empty… I am not sure if these Tags are meant for custom tags only or should they also display existing standard file tags

The Standard file tags should be shown as well. I saw them allready, but since a period of time I could’nt see them. And unfortunately I could’nt remember since when exactly.

I could never see any tags, I get a blank page with the title “Tag Manager” and an input box, I took it that you cannot view the standard existing tags… Does anyone else see this? Anybody know how to fix/troubleshoot this?


Let me recreate what I see:

  1. Album view, pick any album, I can see the list of tracks Select any
  2. Hit the + button at the top of the page and select “Manage
  3. from the list of options I get the “Tag Manager” dialog box
    showing nothing but an empty text input box with a “Create” button

I cannot see the existing file tags in the dialog box… however, if I chose File Info from the album view, the dialog box that appears shows all the file tags correctly.


I think we have different topics. What I do is only go to Album view and there, in top line, is a small buttom with a tag Symbol. When I click on it, the window is empty (like your screenshot of the tag manager). But im not in the tag manager, only in the Viewer.

I have seen this. Sometimes if you wait they appear, sometimes not. There appears to be something up.

@mike @kevin

To be clear, this is for browsing user created tags, which are like custom labels for organizing your collection – this feature has nothing to do with file tags, although I can understand the confusion (not that “labels” would be less confusing :confused: )

So @Armin – are you saying you have created album tags, but you’re not seeing them here? Or are you thinking this is about file tags?

Let me know what you’re expecting here and we’ll figure this out. Thanks guys!

In the Thread “How can I hide Tidal albums …” you gave me this hint:

"Hey @Armin – on the album browser, can you click the little tag button and let me know what you see?
I’m guessing you added our Essentials collection during setup accidentally – you should be able to remove those albums in a few clicks using these instructions."

In “these instructions” was this instruction:
Click Albums from the navigation menu to open the Album browser, then click the icon at the top of the screen. Here you’ll see tags for the Tidal collections you’ve imported (like “TIDAL:Jazz”, for example), and you can check off the boxes to focus on the various collections.*
*To remove albums from these collections, just right click the album you want to delete (or cmd-a on Mac, ctrl-a on Windows to select all of the albums), then click Edit in the selection menu, and Delete Albums. This will bring up the Delete popup showing you what will be deleted, verify it’s correct, press Delete and you’re all set.”

I gave you the answere that I see “nothing” by opening this Tag Icon! After that you sent me another way to delete Tidal albums.
But no answer why I could’nt see the Tags! So that’s the story behind this Thread.

Thank you and hopefully it’s clear now.

Any News for me?

He @Armin – sorry for the slow response here.

When Tidal Collections are added during the initial setup, they are set as favorites in your Tidal account (so they are synced to both your Tidal and Roon library), and then the albums are tagged in Roon using whatever Collections you’ve chosen.

The tagging of these albums is not a sync – it’s a one-time action that happens during setup, and it’s stored with your Roon library, just like any other edits you make.

You mentioned that you hadn’t opt to add any of the collections during the initial setup – It’s possible there’s a tricky bug here that no one has encountered, and which we don’t currently have enough information to reproduce, but clearly something went wrong here. As of right now, I don’t really know what happened here, except to say the albums were added somehow.

The situation you’re describing is what I would expect to see if I chose to import a Tidal collection during Roon’s initial setup (which would add them to my Tidal library and tag them in my collection) but then subsequently reinstalled Roon from scratch (which would erase all my user data, including tags). In this case, my new install of Roon would sync the albums from my Tidal account, but the tags would be long gone.

Since you had the albums synced but not the tags (which allow for easy deletion), I suggested just looking at your Tidal albums and deleting anything you didn’t want in your collection – let me know if that doesn’t work for you, or if I’m missing something else here.

Thanks and sorry again for the confusion here – very strange, and not at all how this normally works.

I recently set Roon up for someone and one of the collections was ticked by default. This should not be the case as far as I recall. Much too dangerous and irritating if you miss it and click the wrong thing.

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