No Technics brand among "Find your device"

I can see that Technics is marginalized.
Although plays better than for example Mytek?

Deliberately or accidentally ?

Hello @Lonek,

Not all Roon Tested devices are in our new device identification engine yet. Roon still optimizes the settings to the best of the ability using the old engine when this is the case. Keep an eye out for Technics and the rest of our partner devices soon!


Hi @john

Will the update to identification engine also include Benchmark DAC products - the DAC2 is listed as Roon tested in the product matrix?


Hello @DuckSoup,

While I can’t share specific plans or timelines, the hope is that we will have all of the Roon Tested devices available in the identification engine at some point in the future. Keep in mind, if your device isn’t listed in the device identification picker but it is still a Roon Tested device, the Roon Tested functionality is exactly the same as it was before the update.


Hello. "Find your device"is not working to me. Empty list. How can I resolve that?. Thx.

i resolved. :slight_smile:

@john @mike

Whilst it’s good to see that the list of roon-ready and roon-tested devices continues to grow (email earlier today) it’s disappointing that adding products which were already roon-tested but missing from the first release of the product matrix have not been added.

Will Benchmark DAC products - used by a number of people on this forum - ever find their way into the product matrix?