No text visible on iMac

Roon works fine on all my computers, ipads and iphones, but on the one I use as my core 95% of the time no text appears and it looks like this:

Can’t seem to find a similar problem in the knowledge base.


Hi this is symptomatic of the graphics card running low on availabile memory.

Can you try rebooting the iMac and then retrying Roon.

I should also say that the specification of that iMac is below that of which Roon recommends… so whilst it may run it won’t yield the best user experience.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s not a big deal, when it’s like that I just use my iPhone or Ipad or another computer to control it. It works great as a core, though. In two months it’s only stopped streaming once, and that was only for a minute or so.

Wow…thats a really old mac to run a core on. No SSD either I bet.

If you have a fairly small library and no DSP use then you might be ok unless you are adding and analyzing while trying to play. multiple streams will probably not do well either. Searching will be slower as your library builds (even if that is tidal adds) as SSD and CPU play much bigger parts in this.

Small house and I don’t have a need to run multiple streams. I just listen through which ever computer I’m working on , or plunked down in the sweet spot in front of my stereo. If I ever do need to do multiple streams, or my library gets too big I’ll just move the core to my 2016 iMac. I did put SSDs in all my laptops - what a difference! My next iMac will definitely have one.