No tracks will load after two week absence [Resolved]

Hi @support: hope you are all well!

I have been overseas for two weeks of intensive work. When I left, my Roon operation was ticking along nicely. I have Roon on a Sonic Transporter i5, with my data on a synology 415+ (and a couple of macbook pros with some extra files). My main playback location is a footbridge run on an old MacBook Pro feeding into a NAD M51 dac and through a NAD amp into Jamo concert series speakers. My other locations are all Bluesound equipment (plus ipeng on my ipad).

On my return, I have made sure all Roon software is up to date.

When I go to play something (it doesn’t matter what format or file type, bit rate or anything else), it just gets as far as one or two seconds - and then eventually gives me the standard “file loading slowly, may be a hardware/software issue etc etc” (forget the exact wording, and as I try to replicate the problem to get the exact wording I’m sick of waiting at 3 seconds into the track for the msg to come up).

I’ve turned everything on and off several times, rebooted the NAS and the Sonic transporter etc etc.

Look forward to your advice. I was so looking forward to a day of listening on my day off work after 30 hours in planes and airports… never mind…

Caught it: here is the msg I couldn’t get before:

It may be worth noting that I can still play my files using the Bluesound equipment, so there is nothing wrong with the files per se.

Have you rebooted the network gear?

Hi @ajl ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles here.

Moving forward, I would agree with Henry’s suggestion of power cycling your networking gear as well, to get everything in a “fresh” state to see if this triggers a change in behavior here. I would also like to gather some logs from you so we can try and determine what could’ve happened here.

May I kindly ask you to please follow the instructions fond here and send us a set of logs from your Roon core.


Thanks Eric - logs have been sent. And yes, I had rebooted all the network gear more than once in the process of trying to problem solve at this end. Have fun with the logs.

Hi @ajl ----- Thank you for touching base with me. Can you confirm where the logs were sent?

As mentioned in the link provided in my post, we prefer logs to be shared via a dropbox link or another file transfer service that is similar. If you don’t not have access to dropbox (or another service), we can provide another upload method.

Let me know.

There seem to be some communication problems. Does the community@roon etc email address not work any more? I sent the link there. Although, after my second attempt to email it there, I have now suddenly received two msg delivery failure notifications.

I also tried to send it to you by private msg from my phone via the web browser, but now that I am on my computer, that is not showing up here under messages… I will try again in computer based private msg!

Hi @ajl ---- Just saw your PM (thank you), confirming that the logs have been received. We’ll let you know what we come up with.

Your patience is very appreciated!

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Hi @ajl ---- Thank you for your patience while we have been evaluating the information found in the provided logs.

Moving forward, when you open up the “storage” tab found in “settings” are you seeing any error messages? For example, “drive not available”. Based on the traces found, it would appear that there is a communication issue between the NAS and the application. We’ve noticed the following traces in your logs that are appearing multiple times:

[broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] drive availabilitychanged: False, FileBrowser.Entry: \\ 10.x.x.xx, Music : \ (it was False)

Warn: [storage/directory] Failed to extract audio

Based on this information, I would recommend the following:

  • Disabling the your storage location(s) in Roon and then re-enabling them.

  • Confirm that the IP address of the NAS has not changed.

  • I did a quick search for the mentioned NAS and see there was a DMS update (“DSM 6.1.3”) at some point. For good measure, can you please confirm that the unit is up to date.


Hi @eric @support

I have updated the NAS, and disabled and recreated storage location for the NAS.
Problem persists.
Have established a new set of logs. Will send link in Private msg.

Hi @Eric

So, I’ve had time to muck around a bit more. Some additional elements have emerged. As i mentioned before, my main listening station uses Roon bridge on an old MacBook Pro feeding into a NAD M51preamp via USB. My other stations are Bluesound. What I have realised, is that Roon is working fine with all the Bluesound stations.

The problem is with the Roon Bridge Station. What happens here, at the moment, is that the track will play for up to about 30 seconds. Then the sound drops out. Sometimes the app becomes unresponsive in relation to that listening station. but if I skip into the queue and transfer from that station to one of the blue sound ones, the music picks up there. If I transfer it back, generally, it will play for about 30 seconds before dropping out again. This seems really odd!

Any ideas?



You will laugh at me now (probably in exasperation). I had turned the old mac book pro on and off a few times, to no effect. But I had not actually done a proper shut down and reboot. Now I have, and the issue seems to have resolved. I could not actually do a proper shut down and reboot before, because the trackpad is broken. I had to get my partner’s external mouse and plug it in to be able to click buttons… One of these days I’ll replace it with a Bluesound Node 2…

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Hi @ajl ---- Thanks for the update, happy listening!