No update of Tidal playlist [Resolved]

I am using a Rockna Wavedream NET. Everything is fine but when I add music to existing playlists in Tidal, I cannot see them in Roon.
I click on the update in “service” but no change. Could you help?
Thank you

Hi @Nicolas_Lehmann ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please share a screenshot with of your TIDAL window found in “service”? (Path: settings - > services - > TIDAL - > “edit”)


Hi Eric,

Thank you for the quick answer, I really appreciate. Here you are with the screenshot.


Can you give us some more details about the playlists that aren’t syncing?

Were they created by you? Are you seeing them in Roon, aside from any recent changes you’ve made to them?

Yes, I create them and I can see them in Roon and play them.
I recently added new tracks and those new tracks have not been visible in Roon.

Kind regards,

Hi Mike,
I check again today and it has been updated. Did you make something?
Kind regards,

Hi @Nicolas_Lehmann ----- Thank you for touching base with us and sharing this most recent observation, very pleased to hear that the newly added content is appearing in Roon. It sounds like there may have been some delay between us and TIDAL. This sometimes has to do with there you are accessing TIDAL, geographically speaking.

Happy listening!