NO USB SOUND OUTPUT - 3+ Hours of trying to make this work

@support HELP SOS ASAP!

cant get sound out of usb out put on nucleus, feeding to audio research gsi75.

Is the USB input in the GSI75 class compliant?

Screen shots of your audio output configuration would help.

The cable or gsi75 itself? I got sound directly from my laptop to my gsi via usb but nothing so far from my nucleus.

Hey @Daniel_Luczak — Thank you for reaching out, and apologies for the difficulties here!

We are doing some investigation into this device — Have you confirmed that it has support for Linux devices?

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My shop told me it would work very well with my audio research receiver.

Never believe a dealer. The Audio Research DAC 9 which I assume uses the same USB chipset isn’t Linux compatible. Or at least it wasn’t back in 2017. Which means it isn’t a true class compliant usb audio device.

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Hey @Daniel_Luczak,

I did some research into the device and my understanding is that, unfortunately, the USB interface used by the device is not compatible with Linux, so it’s not going to work with Nucleus, or with Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge, etc. There may be some other options available for getting this device to work with your Nucleus, such as using a USB to AES-EBU converter.

You might also check with Audio Research – I don’t know if they have any plans to add Linux support for this DAC, but it’s worth letting them know you’re interested.

Thank you for your patience while we looked into this, Daniel, and my sincere apologies that I don’t have better new for you. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us here. Our support team is always happy to help however we can.

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Does the DAC have coax S/PDIF input? Try a Schiit Eitr.

Music over USB streaming is different for different operating systems!? What’s the protocol being used?

I sadly am having the same problem with Audio Research REF CD9 SE: No sound Nucleus => USB => Audio Research REF CD9 SE DAC

Spent hours debugging. No luck.