No Votes for Me

I don’t seem to be able to vote on any feature suggestions. Next to the Vote button, it says “Limit”.
It been like this for ages.

I believe that means you have reached your limit of 5 votes.
You should be able to see your previous votes and cancel one if you want to vote for something else instead.

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Following on from @AceRimmer

Procedure to view and adjusted cast votes

Click on the blue “Limit” box, and you will see this message popup …


Then click on “List your votes” …


Click on the topic you wish to remove your vote from … and then in that topic click on the “Voted” box …


Finally click on “Remove vote” …


It’s a lot longer to describe that to do it :grin:

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Thanks Carl, was on phone and way too hard to do what you just did from that medium…lol


We only get five votes? There are a zillion feature requests that deserve to be implemented.

Yep, unfortunately that is the limit.

The idea is that everyone votes on the five that are most important to them. If everyone does that, Roon can still sort the suggestions by number of votes.

If a feature gets implemented, you get the vote back. Either automatically when the thread is marked as solved, our else you can remove it manually at any time as described above.

Seems sensible to me. It avoids a situation where the 100 most dedicated users on the forum cast all of their zillion votes and totally steamroll more casual users. (Which would probably also skew toward more specialist features). Other than this, the limit probably makes little statistical difference to the overall distribution of votes on the features.


Scarcity & crowd sourcing. If you’re running a product organization, this is how you do it. You make people make choices.

I just wish more people would use all of their five votes! And I also wish that we could prune these so that there were fewer overlapping ones / votes were better funneled. But given that Roon only somewhat listens to these (which I approve of), I suppose it might be counter-productive to over invest in this.