No words on screen but can click boxes

Windows 7. Blank screen but can click boxes. Really want this to work but can’t figure it out. Deleted program and reloaded it successfully. Same issue

I’ve moved this to the Support category in the forum where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

Meanwhile, it looks to me like a graphics driver problem. Have you got the latest graphics driver installed for your hardware?

In addition to what Geoff mentioned, the graphics card needs to be OpenGL 3.0 compatible. Also, try running the 32 bit version, if you are not already.

Providing, make of computer (looks like an HP), model number, RAM, OS version (looks like Win 7) would also help support.

Hello @Troy_Coleman,

Welcome to the forum! As others have suggested here, I would start off by making sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed, can you please check this and let us know if it helps with the issue?

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