Node 2 does it support FLAC 5.1

Does anyone happen to know whether the Node 2 can support FLAC 5.1 files played to my Denon surround receiver? @Yiannis_Kouropalatis, you have any idea on this?

I just bought a Node 2, assuming it would be connecting to my AVR via HDMI. Now, I notice there is no HDMI out on the Node. Now I’m wondering if this will play my extensive FLAC 5.1 collection or not? :thinking:

FLAC is irrelevant. Roon performs all decoding in the core, upstream of any endpoints, Bluesound or otherwise. But without HDMI output, you will not get multichannel of any sort from Bluesound Node 2 to Denon AVR. In fact, double check if Bluesound supports multichannel at all.


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Thanks @WiWavelength. Roon for sure supports multichannel: I have tested it myself via both an HTPC and a NAS connected to my Denon via HDMI. I sure hope I can return this Node 2. :frowning:

Edward, I know that Roon supports multichannel. That is not the issue. Bluesound is the potential bottleneck. Not every Roon compatible device supports every Roon feature. So, you should double check with Bluesound if multichannel is possible on any Bluesound hardware.



Yeah, sorry. I misread your post. Thought it said to doublecheck that Roon supports multichannel. I see that you said doublecheck that Bluesound supports multichannel. Sadly, I can’t find where they anything about on their website or in the manual. I’ll try the place I bought it tomorrow. :confused:

Hi Edward,

Just saw your posts. Not sure if you have already found some good info regarding the 5.1 playback. I don’t have any personal experience with 5.1 unfortunately but as far as I understand the Node 2 outputs 2 channels only via analogue. The digital outputs (Coax and Optical) could potentially output 5.1 digital but that will depend on Bluesound’s limitations etc. Sorry I am not able to offer a clear answer to this.

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Thanks for responding @Yiannis_Kouropalatis. I haven’t got an answer yet. I’ll report back here once I find out for sure.

The Node does not support multichannel as far as I am aware. The Bluesound forum is the next place to check.

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