Node 2 Optical in issues causes audio to stutter and dropout

Hi I just got a used Bluesound Node 2 that seems to be having a very odd issue with optical in and I want to see if anybody else has had this.

If I am streaming from Roon or any other service everything is great upto 192/24. If I hook up my Amazon Fire TV to the Optical In. When streaming performance for some odd reason takes a hit and I start to get audio dropping out especially for any hires files. As soon as I pull out or unplug the FTV it returns to normal. I don’t have auto sensing switched on in the app as I though this might be the cause. Going to try another optical source and see if it does the same to rule out the FTV being the culprit. That said it works direct into my Active speaker. I have also swapped optical cables and no different.

I just updated to 3.0.2 yesterday, the day before it would click a bit when it was in so I thought it might be network issue. I did a factory reset and then it updated. to 3.0.2 and its now worse and has full drop outs.

If anybody else is using optical in can you let me know if yours is ok?


Just got confirmation from Bluesound this is a firmware issue their side in that the optical port is constantly being monitored even with no input and gobbling up all the ram so it has none left to playback properly. I hope they sort this soon.