Node 2i dropouts using Roon 1.8

Hi, Im having issues with Roon dropping the connection with my Node 2i on a very regular basis. I have to unplug the Node and plug in back in for Roon to find the Node? Clearly very annoying! Anyone else experienced the same problem? Thanks

HI Andy,

How are you plugging the Node 2i In? What is your playback chain? I would not recommend using Wifi with the Node 2i.

Also, this is not the support section. If you want I can move it to that section so official Roon Support will see the post.

Hey Alan, I have had my Node 2i connected to my Roon core NAS using Ethernet for two years with no issues.

I’ve moved this to the #audio-products:bluos-nad-bluesound area but it could perhaps end up in #support if it is not resolved

We have 6 BlueSound products grouped together within Roon - 4 are hardwired, but 2 are wi-fi. One of wi-fi units is fairly close to the router [Asus RT-AC88U]. However the second wi-fi endpoint is out in another building and at least 50’ from the router - We do have a mesh unit [Asus RP-AC1900] in that building which the BlueSound is connected via ethernet cable - This has worked flawlessly. I do read often here the horror stories with BlueSound and wi-fi, so maybe we’ve been lucky - but our little mesh setup has worked very well for several months.