Node 2i or Echo Link?

Looking for advice please :-)… I have 2 use cases for each of my rooms:

  1. I want a simple way for the family to ask “Alexa, play Radio 1 in the kitchen” or “Alexa, play Spotify in the Living Room”.
  2. I also want to be able to play music from my server to those speakers via Roon (alexa control would be nice but not an issue for now). I’m currently doing that via old Squeezebox units as end points.

I’m considering 2 options.

  1. a BlueSound Node 2i giving me all the above in one, since it’s Roon ready and has Amazon Echo support etc.
  2. an Echo Link to play radio and spotify etc. as above, and connect my existing squeezebox end points to the Echo Link via it’s digital-in to add Roon playback.

£499 versus £189…

Thoughts anyone?

How about a pair of Sonos One?
I am using them with Roon through airplay. Or with Alexa when I am too lazy to use the Roon controller ( ipad ).

If it’s just functioning as a pre-amp that is Alexa compatible then your cheapest option may be the Bose Soundtouch Wireless link Adapter which can be found for 149.99 or less. This gives you Bluetooth and AUX inputs along with connection to your home wifi.