NoIdleSleepAssertion named: "Music is playing" blocks OSX sleeping


I see discussion on this topic elsewhere on the forum but with no resolution yet. I will briefly summarise

I have an Imac running High Sierra - have SSDs only so nice and quiet and no hard drive noise. I’ve managed to setup wake on lan apps that work on my network when the mac goes to sleep (and I’ve done the darkwake work to make sure than when the mac wakes it doesn’t immediately go back to sleep again!).

I like the fact that roon keeps my mac from going to idle sleep when something is actually playing - yay! The problem is that when music is paused, the NoIdleSleepAssertions don’t clear, regardless of how long I wait and so the mac never goes to sleep. My Energy Saver settings are default and when Roon is not running kick in just fine after say 15 mins of idle time.

If I launch and play/pause roon on the host (the mac) then each pause combo will create a NoIdleSleepAssertion named: “Music is playing” that does not clear, other clients will tend to do the same thing. If I manually restart roon after everything has been paused, the assertions go away, and then the machine will sleep.

I’ve gotten to the stage where I have a quiet machine, have managed to persistently keep the internal HD that i don’t use from spinning up and making noise so it’s quiet - I just would rather not have the machine sitting using power when unnecessary.

Any insight ? If there were even a button (perhaps tied to all Pause all Zones) that simply cleared the assertions I think that might suffice ?


Hey @Gordon_Cameron — Thanks for sharing your experience with us, feedback is always appreciated!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve passed along your observations to our technical team so they can investigate the behavior you’re reporting. I’ll be sure to keep you updated here as I receive feedback from the team.

Kind regards,

Thanks so much! I see another user reporting something similar today also, let us know if we can help with more information?