Noise during playback of DSD64 2.8 Mhz tracks

Hi @spockfish,

I am running the latest build (24-03-2018) on a Raspberry Pi 3B via USB (DSD over PCM).

During the playback of DSD64 2.8 Mhz tracks to a TEAC UD-501 I hear a constant noise in the audio. When playing back DSD128 5.6 Mhz tracks on the same DAC, these tracks sound clear as water.

The TEAC UD-501 is only able to play up to DSD128 5.6 Mhz

Both tracks are sounding clear as water when I connect the DAC directly from a MacBook via USB (DSD over PCM).

In all cases I use Roon to play the tracks.

Can you please help and look these DSD64 tracks are not able to be played via the RPi without the noise?

This seems to be solved after the RoPieee updated itself to the latest version, based on Linux kernel 4.14
ALSA had an issue playing DSD64 on some devices (constant noise) in previous kernel versions.

Hence the benefit of suppliers who keep updating their firmware with newer Linux kernels.

You are warmly thanked for this, @spockfish!