Noise during playback with SMS 200

Where did you get the last iFi Pro iDSD firmware, since I received my Pro iDSD iFi did not came out with a new firmware that I know of.

There is the 5.30 Firmware for all other of their DAC range, but not for the Pro iDSD. So any help is welcome.

I never had a Raspberry Pi, and only use bit perfect, DSP disable, no Upsampling.

Understood, I only asked/suggested for a quick test, if you had one. If a Pi works fine running RoonBridge (something like RoPieee with a relatively up to date kernel) with the same network chain then you would know it’s the SMS-200…

Restoring the SOTM SD card resolved the intermittent noise issue…

But not the 1.5mhz stuck changing frequency sometimes.

SOTM version 4.22.

I play thru an SMS-200 to an iFI DAC2 and an iDSD without any problems. There’s something else wrong with your setup.

Aha. It’s been my experience that the SMS-200 can (eventually will) corrupt the SD card.

Nice. This is why it can be nice to have a Pi around to help with troubleshooting sometimes (especially for <PCM192kHz testing)… If the Pi worked days ago, you would have isolated the issue to the SMS-200 days ago too. And RoPieee have already patched the Pro iDSD native DSD support earlier this week and SOtM have not yet…

I found Roon to be the fastest, more stable, and better supported software available. I would like that they supported iFi a little more, like adding icon packages for iFi Products, or the option do add our own, and make use of the wired network connection on the iDSD Pro, or adding support for DLNA in some way.

Audirvana sounds good, but is slow and ugly, full of bugs on Mac, and support for Mac at the moment is not something to grab about.

Do you recommend any settings for HQPlayer and iDSD Pro, I am on a Demo period but do not know what’s the best config to have.

But regarding to Roon is on the right track for being the best of the best.

It comes purely down to personal taste but right now I’m using poly-sinc-short-mp-2s at DSD512 with ASDM7 modulator and really enjoying it.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

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