Noise only - no native DSD play

I have a DAC Topping DX7s. The core runs on a rock nuc. On my PC Win64 the DAC in Roon runs over the Asio driver - USB. However, only PCM. With DSD there is only noise. Converting to PCM works. Only not native. The volume is set to fixed. The DAC has also run natively with DSD under Roon. I only had to set up the drivers again under Windows. Now it doesn’t work again and I don’t know what else to try. If I connect the DAC directly to the Core Nuc Rock via USB, DSD works with the ALAC driver from Rock. Which screw could I turn under Windows?

There’s a lot of information all run together there.
How do you currently have the DAC connected, to which machine, driver etc.

I tried to avoid such a demand. Actually everything is already with me.
Core = Intel Nuc Rock (Current)
DAC = Windows PC, Win10 64, Asio driver 4.14 from topping via USB

  • PCM works, DSD does not work, although recognized as a native in Roon.

DAC to Intel Nuc Rock directly via USB
PCM ok and DSD ok

I want to solve the error on my Windows PC

Roon and Windows 10 are up to date with all updates

I encounter the same issue with same configuration. The dsd only works when connect usb directly to the core side (intel nuc). This issue didn’t exist at the first beginning. I guess it appears after some update.

Have you solve the issue ?

Hi, I may figure out an solution: plug you DAC to a USB2.0 interface and avoid USB3.0. It works for me so far

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