Non 24 7 NUC on ROCK

I am contemplating building a NUC on ROCK as my core, my plan would to be headless

My problem is living in a high lightning area (Johannesburg) I shut down and disconnect from the mains any sensitive electronics every night in summer.

My question is can I simply switch of a NUC running Rock without any special precautions (e.g. Windows doesn’t like being just stopped and really needs to be shutdown “properly”.

Is ROCK as simple as an appliance , switch OFF the On again the next day

You can power off the NUC via the status web page from any remote in your network – or by pressing the power button at the device.



I don’t want to Go via a web app etc , just to push a button with no ill effects , sounds like that is possible

Thanks again

You can power off via the button, or make a bookmark of the following url to power off “remotely”.

Power-off ROCK: http://rock.local/1/poweroff

Just yanking the power cord usually isn’t recommended.

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