Non-library Tidal content not showing up if any Tidal content by that artist is already added to your library

I’m running into an issue with Tidal content where if I add a Tidal album to my library, other Tidal content by that same artist no longer shows up in Roon when I view the page for that artist. For example, today I added the EP called “Don’t Kill My Vibe - EP” by Sigrid to my library. Once I added that EP, all of Sigrid’s other Tidal content (a bunch of singles) no longer showed up in the Roon client when viewing the Sigrid artist page. In order to see it, I had to log in with the Tidal client, favorite the rest of the content, and then resync my Tidal library in Roon.

Hi @Allan_Hsu ----- Thank you for the feedback! Letting you know that we are looking into this behavior and once I have some feedback, after testing has completed I will be sure to update this thread. Your patience is very appreciated!


Hi @Allan_Hsu ---- Just touching base with you that to let you know that we’ve reproduced the issue and are look into this further. Once I have some feedback I will be sure to update accordingly.


Awesome. Thanks for keeping me updated.

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