non-MQA dac and Roon sound quality


I use an non-MQA dac called Chord Mojo.

The MQA music is played often with a bit of increase of sample rate (i.e. 48khz).

Yesterday I found out, randomly listening, that some albums that are in both ways (MQA and not MQA) are better playing in my system in their non MQA version.

What’s your thoughts about playing MQA files into non-MQA dacs with Roon? It’s better to use the MQA file that are converted (I still don’t know how), or it’s better to play Always the non-MQA in order to avoid any conversion?

If your playing an Undecoded MQA file, it’s the same as a normal file only with the added benefit of the studio de blurring.
MQA state that undecoded files should be equal to or better than CD.
This is my understanding before all the anti MQA brigade jump in. I always play an MQA file if available even if not unfolded.
In the end, you let your ears decide. I don’t think there is any right or wrong. Personal preference.

An added thought is, they clearly sound different to you and you may plump for the familiar sound. That doesn’t make it better or worse, just different to what your used to.

The MQA and non-MQA albums could be from different masters and you may just prefer one over the other.

Some people doubt MQA, but with any encoding system rubbish in usually = rubbish out.

Probably I will rephrase in a technical way… Some people doubt MQA, but with any encoding system without decoding = rubbish out.

Nope, not if it’s designed to be listened to either way. Certainly doesn’t sound rubbish here.