Non-MQA files being displayed as MQA [Answered]

Lately, I’ve noticed that underneath the song titles on a bunch of random albums there’s a new line of text describing the format of each song. I’d never noticed this before, and overall, it’s only happening in a small % of my library.

Looking more closely, it seems that each of the albums where it’s happening is being described as a “Mixed Track Formats” album by Roon. They’re being listed that way, but they’re not mixed-format albums. They’re all ALACs, with consistent bit depths and sample rates within any given album.

What seems to be causing the “mixed formats” thing is that certain songs have a format listed like this:

  ALAC 44.1kHz 16 bit, MQA DSD128x48

The specific MQA format listed varies from song to song. But the thing is, none of these are MQA files. They seem to have labeled as such randomly by Roon. (Also, how can a file have two formats?)

Here’s an example:

Does anybody know what’s going on here? Is there something about MQA I don’t understand?

Thanks much…

EDIT: I’ve now seen all the posts about this being a known bug. Do we know anything about timing for a fix?

Already raised. known bug