Non-primary album versions appearing in tag results

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Mac OSX 10.15.3

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Description Of Issue

I have multiple albums grouped as version of a primary. The non-primary ones have the same tags as the primary. When i go to one of those tags to view all albums tagged with that tag i see all versions of the albums. And of other non-primary versions of other albums too. Am i right in expecting that only primary versions should be visible here? How do i resolve?

I should also add that i have “Show hidden tracks and albums” turned off and the lists of albums for an artist are all working correctly (i.e. only showing primary versions).


Thanks for the report, @Hugo_Sharp! I’m passing this information to our team for investigation.

I’ve also noticed this on track tags as well. It would be really nice if there was an option or the normal behavior was to ignore tags on non-primary tracks/albums. I recently switched from TIDAL to Qobuz and I have to manually remove all the tags from the TIDAL album and add them to QObuz. Then I have to go edit the playlists as well. It is really tedious. Or maybe this is all the more reason to purchase instead of stream.

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