Non-Roon: Wireless Video to TV

(Not sure why, but I’m not allowed to create topics in the Off Topic category.)

Do any of you have a setup to send video from your amp/receiver to your television, wirelessly? I’ve been using a wireless HDMI tx/rx pair from a C368 (with an HDM-1 MDC), and the video delays & dropouts are incessant.

The TV hangs on an old, real-plaster wall (unlikely I could match the wall well if I buried an HDMI cable in a channel), above a fireplace (so the wall behind is all brick, floor to ceiling). So running a HDMI cable is pretty much a non-starter. All my sources feed through the C368, for the better audio.

Are there other technologies available today to send the video to the TV? Or, have you found a wireless HDMI solution that works reliably?

Not what you want but I use a Samsung with the ‘one cable’ it’s transparent and even though I channelled it into the plaster it’s not very noticeable on the wall.