None of my Android phones will connect to core

Core Machine: Windows 10 Pro, 16 Gb Ram Roon 1.8 build 795

Network Details
Core and one other remote hardwired to Bell fibre Home 3000


Audio Devices

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LG V30 running Android 9 and LG V60 running Android 11

Library Size

46000 tracks

Description of Issue

Both Android phones will not connect to Core, even if I specify ip address. They had no issues before latest Roon update.
Windows 10 laptop and Surface Pro have no problem connecting to Core. Rebooted Core machine and router, phones still will not connect to Core.

Hello @Greg_Beardall,

I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face: - we had hoped it was going to be much sooner.

If this issue is still happening, could you please make sure that your phones are running the latest version of Roon and that your Core is too?

Could you please try:

  • uninstalling the Roon Remote app from your phones
  • restarting the phones
  • reinstalling the app

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks Rebeka,
Uninstalling the Roon app on the phones and reinstalling solved the issue.