Noob question regarding iOS endpoint

Hi. First post/question.

I have not tried Roon yet as I’m in the process of selling my old gear and looking at new.

It would be a big help if someone could spell it out for me in layman’s terms:

Can I connect an old iPhone to my Chord Mojo and connect that to a pair of active speakers, and then use my new iPhone to stream Tidal wirelessly? My Roon Core would be a PC.

Thank you.


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Depends how old your old iPhone is…to use iOS device playback and probably even remote iOS 11.2 or at least iOS 11 is required I think

Yeah, you need a device that can run iOS 11.

I have done a very basic test of this since 1.4 came out. I have my 10.5in iPad Pro setup with Roon. I have attached the Mojo to the iPad with the “camera kit” USB adaptor and played Roon through the system to some headphones. IT works as advertised. I have not done any extended listening or anything just a test to see it work… The Mojo shows the different bit rates being feed to it and everything.

I will play more over time but for now it worked.

Thank you. It’s an iPhone 5S so it should be possible I think. I’m the least tech-savvy person I know so thanks for your help.

Just try by installing the Roon app on your iPhone and go to the settings menu and in there select “audio” . If all is right it should show your phone. Then using the camera kit USB adapter hook up your Mojo to your iPhone…

I have not tested on my iPhone with the Mojo yet…

Works great with the camera kit. You can enjoy MQA also. What we need is some clever person to create a dedicated clip to replace my rubber bands thus making a tidy unit.