Noob tag/playlist questions

hi guys, new to Roon. tried to read a bit about tags but I’m not quite understanding.

Ive tags items for the purposes of quick ‘playlist-like’ references to groups of tracks I want. My question is because I can’t really tag anything I want. For example, I have a John Williams Dual Fates track tagged into a ‘quick reference hifi’ tag, but when I want to add Diana Kralls ‘How deep is the ocean’ from tidal, there is no option to tag. It just has the add to playlist or library options.

Additionally, can Roon edit your tidal/qobuz playlists? Ive tried to add a song to a tidal or Qobuz playlist but my playlists don’t pop up as an option.

Help me use Roon better! Cheers,


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From the Roon Knowledge Base:

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awesome that makes sense thanks.

So I can’t add tags unless the track or album is part of my library
And Roon can’t edit tidal/qobuz playlists (the only issue Ive run into at this time)


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Hello @Julian_Martinez, glad you got some help here! You do have the option to save a local copy of a playlist from these streaming services and make changes from there. Please let me know if you have any further questions!


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