NOT a connectivity Issue! [Resolved - power issue]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 most recent update

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

absolutely zero to do with my networking set up

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

2018 11" iPad > roon (oratory preset + LS 25hz +5db) > tidal hifi > modi 3+ > loki (20hz knob all the way right, 400hz neutral, 2kHz all the way right, 8kHz at the 9 o’clock position) > magni 3+ (hersey) > focal clear (silver OG)

Description Of Issue

as usual everything is fine for a few hours then something happens on roon’s end and then for hours after, either it says tidal doesn’t have the song available or it says i’m having connectivity issues.

i’m not having connectivity issues - these devices are talking to each other on the same intranet. what IS happening is the stupid iPad app is horrible and just gets stuck - IT JUST WON’T PLAY whatever song it got stuck on once this happens and it will say it’s my issue and yet magically my iPhone isn’t having any issues at all with the same track or connecting. none of my devices are having issues with intranet or internet connectivity AT ALL save for this app.

i feel like i was cheated out of $100 - ZERO issues the entire trial period than as soon as the money is gone i can’t play my music without constant freaking app issues completely out of my control for more than 24 hours. who do i talk to for a refund?

Hi Robert, welcome to Roon. Maybe you give support a chance to help you, instead of asking for a refund. I read many times: It’s not my network, after all it was a network issue. I am using an iPad air, and experiencing no issues. If you liked Roon in the beginning then let support help you. Support will ask you to describe your network.

Cheers John

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Nah. This same exact issue already happened to me late last week, and all support did was to consolidate my issue into an ongoing one; the one I suspected was going on but couldn’t prove.

thanks for the suggestion though.

let me expand - i’m sorry to be curt - but i listen to music literally all day as i’m sure you do too and having it interrupted like this is super irritating. I have had zero issues with my very simple set up (ipad and pc that is the core hooked into the same intranet). that’s it. nothing fancy and it’s worked flawlessly until the last couple of weeks where it’s constant issues with roon disconnecting or saying tidal doesn’t have this track available, etc. they all mean the same thing - something jacked up on roon’s end and now the already shaky iPad app is nigh unusable until they fix it.

i haven’t changed bupkus - i’ve kept all my devices up to date, no other application or service is having these issues whilst roon does. i’ve ripped out the roon cache, i reinstalled on both the core and the ipad and that didn’t solve it.

what DID solve it was the roon support people saying ‘it should be fixed’ now - which i already knew it was something on roon’s end and not mine for the reasons i’ve explained above.

Have you played with DNS settings? Sometimes, for reasons that aren’t always obvious, this can be a solution. Try any or all of the following:

  1. Make sure all your devices are using the same DNS, particularly if you have previously changed one of them to use a public DNS service such as Google, OpenDNS or Cloudflare.
  2. If they’re already the same, try changing the DNS on your core to one of the above. Leave other devices as is. If one doesn’t resolve the problem, try another.
  3. Similar to #2, try changing the DNS on everything—core and devices— to one of the above.

To answer the original question of your post, I am tagging @accounts

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What I forgot to mention, it is very importent to have Roon Core connected to the internet with UTP.

hello i am back, thanks for the suggestions - i made sure roon core was connected via UTP. I made sure they were connected using the same DNS entries. i didn’t change any settings but they looked good.

i logged out of everything. i logged out of the roon core too. i rebooted everything. i unplugged, replugged everything.

i’ll follow up in 24 hours.

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After the steps above, I still continue to periodically experience issues. My issues continue to coincide with stability issues being dealt with by Roon support.

You haven’t given any details of your network.

What router/switch/cables etc are you using?

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i did, actually but that’s okay, i’ll repeat myself: ipad and pc that is the core hooked into the same intranet.

comcast modem > router > ethernet connected core > other devices hooked in via wireless.

couldn’t get any simpler: no switches, no special cables, no fifty other mesh networks.

seems to be functioning - all i can do is see when it pops up again and try to do the whole check over again.

You might want to think about putting/connecting a simple, UNMANAGED switch in-between the router and the core, rather than connecting your core to the router directly?

I had problems connecting my Linn streamer directly to my router. In fact Linn actually recommend using a simple unmanaged switch in the network to connect a DS. I’m not saying that this will be the ‘answer’ to your problem(s) in your particular circumstances, but for £15 it might be worth a punt?

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll look at some.

instead i found a way to hardwire my ipad into the intranet. i’ll see if that works first, then if not i’ll find a switch. i never used one of those though so i might introduce new problems.

Sorry for the trouble here, @Robert_Haas

The next time this is happening can you please do the following:

  • Make a note of the time it occurs as well as the track that was playing when this happened
  • Take a screenshot of what you’re seeing

Respond here with both of the above and we’ll enable diagnostics and take a look at what you’re seeing.


Any progress Robert :thinking:

Oh, sorry y’all.

It hasn’t happened since I stated using a hard wire connection.

Great, now you can enjoy your favourite music :+1:

darn it is still happening. it just says tidal is loading media slowly and it might be a connection issue. it seems to be the highway rider album that this happens frequently on. Ah i’ll get a screenshot. also i’ll have to buy a switch and i’ll report back.

Hi @Robert_Haas

Are you still using a wired connection that you mentioned before?

Ah yea. If I use my iPhone same connection same album zero issues. It’s just my iPad hahaha. I’m not sure what is different between my iPad and my pc and iPhone.