Not able to access USB storage from NUC ROCK

When I insert a USB stick in my NUC, I see it appear in Roon > Settings > Storage > FOLDERS (after clicking on the +Add folder button).

On my Mac computer, I also see the USB stick appear in the network path rock/Data/Storage/<usb stick>

The rock.local System Status web page doesn’t have anything related to the USB stick.

I did it!

So basically I reseted everything, fresh flash install of Roon on the NUC then created a new Roon setup (not from restore). I was now seeing my USB key. I added it in that new setup. Then I went ahead and restored my previous backup and now I can still see my USB key as storage and currently transferring everything on it via SMB.

Complete headache but at least it is finally working.

Thanks everyone for your help.


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