Not able to add new version of the same album

Description of Issue


I am trying to add a album with the same name, but different version. I also tried to rename the file and force import/scan the base drive to try and get the file added into Roon. Even restarting roon does not work. All files are in FLAC

Below is the name discription
Mes courants électriques (Instrumental version)
Alizée - Mes courants électriques

**I added the artists name in the second line, but the result is the same.

Please help

Maybe it’s due to duplicates being hidden…

Further to the above, there is also the possibility that Roon does not identify the album or if it does, does not consider it to be a ‘version’. It will appear elsewhere therefore and the Search function may not find it easily.
Remove the new version from the watched folder. Clean your database before re-adding it. Go to Albums and use the filter function on the title to find it.

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