Not able to connect from ipad pro

I have installed and reinstalled Roon Core for the first time and am trying to connect from both ipad pro and iphone. Both see the PC on which Core is installed but neither will connect. I have typed in the IP address and even switched off the firewall. I cannot figure out what else is causing the issue. Roon Core is running as expected but no use if now useable on a Roon Remote.

The ipad and iphone both show “connecting” continually recycle the same message with “connection failed”

Have you tried re booting you core to see if that helps.

yes sorry done everything suggested. Running latest software. Windows 7 Home premium. latest ios on ipad.

Are you sure that the Core and the remotes are on the same network? Everything needs to be in the same network address range.

Hi John, as far as I can tell I’ve checked all that too. Very frustrating.

Hi @Andrew_Morgan,

Have you made sure to add Roon as an exception in your Windows firewall? You can use these instructions to verify this:

I would also try temporarily disabling any Antivirus software you may be making use of, just in case the Antivirus has it’s own set of firewalls.

If that does not do the trick, please list the model/manufacturer of your Router and any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect.


Have you tried closing down roon remote on the ipad and restarting it again. If I have not picked up ipad for a while and it has been playing for an hour or so, when I start using ipad again sometimes have a “trying to connect” problem which is solved by doing the above…

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