Not able to import all tracks from an album and not able to differentiate them

Hello - first time, first day, first import. I am sure I am doing something wrong but have no idea where to start to correct it.

All my music was ripped in .wav and into individual folders (no iTunes, no server, no alternative formatting, just folders). At the time of import a few of the folders worked (few) but most are riddled with errors - incorrect metadata, partial album track import, a mess in short.

Do I need to format my folders in a specific way to get a proper import? is there something I am (clearly) missing? I like all my files in .wav for quality so I have never used any other format.

Thanks for ANY direction @support


The heart the issue is that the WAV format has very limited support for tagging, unlike FLAC. There are potential traps for the unwary; see this article, for example.

You should consider transcoding your WAV files to FLAC, it’s lossless thus no reduction in audio quality (dBpoweramp’s batch converter is a good option for this.)

While you contemplate on this … can you provide a detailed example of specific album Roon is having problems with… include folder name / files names etc. and a screen shot of what it looks like in a Roon after added it to the Roon library.

Hello @Joshua_Marrow,

I see that Carl has started helping you here and made you aware that .WAV files do not tab metadata. If you decide to go down the router of transcoding your WAV files to FLAC using dBpoweramp and are still having issues afterwards please post some screenshots.