Not able to load data fra backup

MacBook Pro running Big Sur

I have changed billing e mail and credit card. After that I cannot load a backup from my hard drive.

I also had to change my Tidal account because of expired Creditcard.

So now:

I can play the music I had on this “new” account from a trail period I had som years back., but If I try to load my backup the following happens:

  • I find my backup and it starts to load until 100% is reached. I press continue and then I get the message: We have a problem loading your database, but don’t despair Roon support is near…

The backups are made with my other account that has other credentials, but it is still my backup an stored locally on my Mac?

How can I solve this?


Hi @Tormod_Gjersvold,

Just to confirm — Is this a different Roon account, or did you just update your existing account with new information? Roon backups can only be restored on a Core logged in with the same account that the backup was created on.

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