Not able to save album to Playlist


Have there been changes in how to save album to Playlist? I am no able to save an Album to Playlist unless I include the Album to my Library. The view to the right of the blue “Play Album” says “+ Add To Library” only. Adding to Library gives the option to add the Album to Playlist. This must be wrong? Please explain.



If you select all the tracks you can then add them into a play list.


Thanks. Do you know why R removed the perfectly working select Album feature?

Sorry I don’t even know if they did remove it as I don’t recall seeing it, though I tend to add tracks to play lists not albums, but I’ll leave a flag so @support can comment.

I’m not sure we ever offered this option for TIDAL albums that are not part of your library, since many of the options (Export, Favorite, Edit) don’t apply.

If you add the album to your library, you’ll get the “3 dots” menu you’re expecting.

The 3 dots button used to be to the right of the “+ Add To Library” button. I would like to have it back, please.