Not able to see and select different versions

Having the same problem. Haven’t been able to figure out how to see/select different versions.
Spoke with a buddy and he sent me a screen shot showing me his UI with version info for an album. My UI is different and is missing all of that info.

Hi @Tom_Cottingham, can you confirm that both your remotes and Core have been updated?

Are your core and remotes having the latest app updates.


Roon Core is 1.8 build 831
Roon remote is 1.8 build 816

Once I upgraded both is when I lost the version info.

You’ll want to upgrade your remote to Build 831 and this should work. For iOS/Android check the app store for updates. For other remotes, go to Settings > About in Roon. Thanks!

Both play store and iOS have the latest up to date build 831 updates ready for you to install.
You will be all set once you get the remote on the same build as the core.

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Hey @Tom_Cottingham,

We didn’t want to close this thread before checking in with you: are all your devices updated? We’re hoping you are enjoying Roon :musical_note: