Not all albums listed when selecting ARTIST, show all albums

Couldn’t find a similar enough thread, so starting a new one.

I’m just learning how roon works and finally have it recognizing 100% of my library (after some help in another thread). I’m new, so happy to receive a pointer that says, “hey, it’s on this page, just push the right button.” But in the meantime:

Here’s an example problem. I have lots of Grateful Dead albums, including the studio albums in 24/96 FLAC format. When I look at artist “Grateful Dead” and select all albums, it doesn’t show me all the albums, including, but not limited to the 24/96 Flac albums. But if I search for an album title, say, “Workingman’s Dead”, it finds a couple of versions, including the 24/96 version (which has the correct artist, but shows as “unrecognized” by roon). I do NOT have the “not show duplicates” turned on. And in any case, the above is true even when I only have the 24/96 version of an album in my library.

Is it as simple as they don’t show up under artist (even with correct artist name) if “unidentified” by roon. That’s not good as I may have 100s of albums that are not identified, but I still want to see them under the correct artist listing (and roon does know the ARTIST correctly). I understand the value added of roon is the cool stuff it does with metadata and connections, but it still seems that at a minimum, if tags are correct, that an album with the correct (exact same) artist name should show up in a listing if one chooses ARTIST, then asks to see all the albums of that artist in one’s library.
(in my case, my library is only my files, no tidal).

Help gratefully received (no pun intended).

I have unidentified albums showing up correctly under the artist, so it’s probably not that simple!


Hmmm. that’s too bad, as at least that would have been a place to start with exploring the problem. A music server really needs to be able to show my all albums under an artist when the albums are both named correctly with artist (in metadata) and organized in subfolders under the artist parent directory and in fact exist in the roon library (because they show up under an album title search). Very odd that this basic task fails.

Even if they’re Unidentified, they should show under the artist.

The first thing I would do is change the setting “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” to Yes. Then check your albums under the Artist.

If it’s set to No, then you would have to select the album and click on the “Other Versions” button to see the duplicate. So, for now, I would change it to Yes.

If you find a Grateful Dead album that’s Unidentified, click on it and then click on the pencil to the right. Then try and Indentify it again.

See if this helps.

Cheers, Greg

For one of the albums not showing under the artist Grateful Dead, is the artist name blue under the album title. If you click this do you get to the artist page with the album you’ve just clicked through not listed?

And to be sure to be sure, show hidden albums = yes? (Your wording above implies you have but I’m always wary of double negatives!)

I was listening to Dylan’s Biograph the other night and browsing all his albums I had, nicely shown in chronological order, and then the one’s ( mainly late 80’s and one with the Dead!) that I don’t have in Tidal. Everything was correct but then one would imagine If Bob wasn’t correct there would be big problems.


This sound similar to the problem we’ve had with Jazz pianist Bill Evans over the last month or so. And it’s a troubling one. Without accurate presentation of the albums we own, Roon’s reason for being vanishes.

The good news for me is that Bill Evans is working correctly today (well, last night).

Let’s hope these problems are few and far between.

Thanks all for the feedback. I definitely have “show hidden albums = Yes”. But I’ve discovered at least one major issue. I had my “compilations” sorted by various artists. I have about 4 or 5 hundred Grateful Dead albums (actually each is a live concerts, legally downloaded from Most of these were showing as compilations within roon. Once I selected option to show compilations under each artist, then it appears that these now show up under “Grateful Dead” artist > All Albums (even though “unidentified”).

In another thread I asked about this compilation issue and was told that roon metadata has a broader interpretation of “compilation” than the standard “COMPILATION = 1” tag ID. At first I though, ok, not a big deal. However, the above example now makes it even weirder for me and a big deal. I really can’t have hundreds of albums that I’ve clearly identified in careful tagging as NOT being compilations and belonging to a specific artist, start showing up as compilations in roon and not even listed under the ARTIST.

I’ve only been playing with roon a couple of weeks now and have a lot to learn. I hope there is some way to use settings to get all this working right. As I’ve said in some other threads, I realize the value added feature of roon is the use of metadata from different sources. And I do like this. But if I can’t get roon to show me basic things (like how many albums do I have for an artist that are not otherwise compilations (soundtracks, etc.) then I’m not sure I can actually use if. I hope this all gets better for those of us who have spent years making sure their metadata is correct and files are correctly organized under parent/sub directory structures. edit: and album by album editing with roon is a non-starter. I have about 8,000 albums so far and I’m not even done ripping.)
EDIT: maybe I can resolve all the above by telling roon to prefer my own tags in all cases. I see I can do that album by album, but I’m hoping I discover I can make this a global setting. Off to look…

This all said, I do appreciate the responsiveness of the roon folks and other forum members. And I understand that this is a work in progress. Thanks. /Gary

See my compilations discussion above. But yes, when I click on one of these albums artist (in blue) it takes me to the proper artist (Grateful Dead).

Interesting @garym – sorry to have you doing so much detective work lately :pensive:

This sounds wrong to me. Would you mind PM’ing me a Dropbox link for an album or two that behaves this way? I’d like to take a look at what’s going on here.

[quote=“garym, post:7, topic:8931”]
telling roon to prefer my own tags in all cases. I see I can do that album by album, but I’m hoping I discover I can make this a global setting. Off to look…
[/quote]goto album view, select one album until selection in top right shows one selection, change selection to all albums, select the edit icon…

@Mike I will post a couple in Dropbox and pm you.

Thanks evand… I think you told me this before and I’d forgotten. A lot of “parts” to the roon software that I haven’t fully explored.

Case closed. To follow up. I think I was initially looking at something wrong under artist (or wasn’t on the main artist landing page, or was focusing in the wrong location). But in any case, the total albums for an artist are the same count whether compilations are listed by title or under various artists. And I’m starting to get my head around the broader definition of compilation within roon relative to other programs I’ve used (e.g., LMS).

Thanks to all for the input. roon is a learning curve for me obviously (coming from systems where everything relied upon my carefully groomed metadata tags)