Not all genres are listed in genre overview

In the roon library the albums are linked to different genres by default and you can manually add the album to an additional genre which is a good feature. I am using the focus feature to add genres and save them to a bookmark. Like I want to gather all Singer/Songwriter genres in one “fokus” and bookmark that.
The problem is that some genres are not listed and therefore cannot be included. One example is the genre “Singer/songwriter”. I find other genres that include “Singer/songwriter”, but not the one that is called just “Singer/songwriter”.
When I find an album that has the “Singer/songwriter” genre and click the genre I can see that I have 261 albums in my library. I can create a bookmark on that one, but the “Singer/songwriter” genre is not listed in the genre overview.

A screenshot might help others to understand your problem.

In Focus, if you click on the genres, a list of all genres currently in your library pops up. If the “Singer/Songwriter” genre is not present in this list, then no album has the “Singer/Songwriter” genre attached.

Hint: Use the image to dive into sub-genres.

Hi, I just updated my post.

And again: A screenshot might help others to understand your problem.

What “Overview” (Focus, Genre browser) are you talking about?

Right, now I found the “Singer/Songwriter” genre below the “Pop/rock” genre. Thank you so much for the tip :slight_smile: