Not all MQA files are shown correct in track view

Hi All!

The whole Album is a MQA album and all tracks are correct identified during playing. Also the IFI-LED shows the right color for MQA files. But in track view not all track are shown as MQA. Because of this, the information below album cover says: “different track formats”. I have two MQA albums, and NO track will be shown as MQA. In this cases album is not listed as MQA in focus selection to MQA format. Analysis for all tracks is done for many times, but this does not change the track information.

Because my first Roon Core installation was on a Windows 10 PC and the problem does not exists there I post this under “ROCK”.

new analyses of these albums manually started fixed this problem. No idea why this did not happen during playing the tracks or during first import of all tracks.