Not all music was imported


I run a DS218+ with a Roon core on a USB 3.0 SSD. Most works fine. But some ripped wav files on my NAS (Naim UnitiServe) were not found. The Roon app only shows the mp3 copies that the UnitiServe generated, when I ripped the CDs.

I do not want to rebuild my library, because it took 4 days 99% processor usage.

Does anyone have an idea what it is caused to? Thanks in advance!

WAV files can be problematic.
If there are just a few files, you might try transcoding them to FLAC. What program did you rip them with? That program probably can transcode.

Wav files ripped with Naim UnitiServe don’t store the metadata in the wav file themselves (data is stored in amginfo.xml files instead) so Roon sees them as files with no metadata making them harder to identify.

Thanks for advice. So I managed some of the albums ripped in wav by hand. BTW is there any smooth possibility to get a filter on the not identified albums? I have only found a focus on the identified ones.